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Seat Leon VAGCOM Kodları..


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26 Ağu 2009

(Click images for larger version)

Click on the Select Control Module button:

You then need to select which control module you want to go into. once you enter the control mdule you will be presented with the follow screen:

Depending on what is required, there are two functions we will use:
Coding and Adaption


There are two types: Coding and Long Coding. This is depends which module you are coding.

Lets start with changing something in a Coding Screen.

First click on the "Coding - 07" button in your chosen module.In the above example, we are in Instrument Cluster.

The coding screen comes up. The only field that we are interested in is the 'Software Coding' text field. The numbers in here are the settings for the chosen compoment. On most modules, once you open this Coding screen, a comment will appear with the instructions (as per the screen shot)

In the example above, we are going to turn OFF the seatbelt warning.
As instructed in the text comment, we need to change the 3rd and 4th number in the string. By default it would be 02, but we need to change it to 00 to turn it off.
Once this is done, simply click the 'Do It!' Button and thats it.

Next will will try Long Coding.

As above click on the 'Coding - 07' button.

The Recode mdule will open, then click the Long Coding helper button.

You will then be presented with a long coding screen:

Column 3) Is basically each page of items to change

Column 4) Lists each bit (item) you can change on that 'page'

In this example we will turn off The Coming Home feature.

This is located in Byte 0 (81 as shown in column 3) on bit 7.
If the feature is turned on, there will be a tick, if it is off, there will be no tick.

So, to turn it off, untick bit 7.
Then press the Transfer Coding button. This will then take you back to the recode screen. (below)

The new code which you have just created, will be present in the New coding: Text field. Click 'Do It!' Button to make the changes. VAG-COM will comfirm to you if it has worked and accepted the coding.


Adaptation is similar to coding, but can also be used to change variable values, such as steering weight and volume settings.

This is pretty straight forward:
Pressing read, it shows you the values in the top fields.
Press the up/down button next to that, scrolls through the different channels (each channel has a different setting or none)

Like the coding module, many channels will show a text comment with instructions, showing accptable New values. For example, On the Park Assist module, you can change the rear beeper volume. The default level was 60, but I wanted to turn it down to 50 level. The text comment told me this was possible.
When you have changed the valve, press Test, then Save. and that is it.

List Of Changable Options

**These are acording to my '2006 Sport', the controller module versions may differ in newer cars so may not work as below.**

One Touch Indicators (Comfort Indicators)
This turns on or off the one touch lane indicator which gives you three indicator blinks on a sungle touch. This is on by default.

Module 09 - Cent. Elects.
Byte 2
Bit 8 - Comfort turn Signals

Leaving Home Lights
This feature turns on your lights when you unlock the car (if your headlight switch is on). I believe this option is standard if you have the auto lights option. This also adds an option in the MFD lights menu for how long it will stay on.

Module 09 - Cent. Elects.
Byte 0
Bit 5 - Assistance Driving Light_Leaving Home active

Coming Home Lights
This turns on or off the feature, where it leaves you lights for a short period on after you get out the car. This can also be changed via the larrger MFD if you have it.

Module 09 - Cent. Elects.
Byte 0
Bit 7 - Coming home active

Coming Home Lights Active Time
This sets how long the comning home lights styay on for. This can also be set through the larger MFD if you have the bluetooth option.

Module 09 - Cent. Elects.
Set a value between 10 and 60 seconds, must be in 10s.

Emergency Brake Flash
Im am not sure this features works, I have the option, but does not seem to activate on mine, may be a model year dependant feature.

Module 09 - Cent. Elects.
Byte 17
Bit 0 - emergency brake flash light active

Turning Off Sealt Belt Warning

Module 17 - Intruments
Change 3rd and 4th number in string to 00 as per text comment, or add up the number for the options you have, ie; you have headlight washers if you have xenons, so add that to the value.

Selective Central Locking (single door opening)
By default, when you press the keyfob to unlock the car, it only opens the drivers door with a single click. If you turn this features off, it will unlock all doors with a single click.

Module 46 - Central Conv.
Byte 0
Bit 0 - Selective Central Locking

Automatic Window Closing/Opening
This enables all the windows to close or open if you hold down the lock/unlock button on the keyfob, and or holding closed/open the keylock on the door
I have found on newer cars (MY07?) these features are already active, but on my MY0 I had to activate it.

Module 46 - Central Conv.
Byte 4
bit 0 - Comfort opening power windows via door lock active
bit 2 - Comfort opening power windows via remote control active
bit 3 - Comfort closing power windows via door lock active
bit 5 - Comfort closing power windows via remote control active

Beep when locking/unlocking car (My favourite feature)
This adds a beep when locking the car, and two beeps when unlocknig the car.
Below; horn refers to the beep, and blink refers to the indicators blinking

Module 46 - Central Conv.
Byte 6
bit 0 unlocking confirmation (blink) via door locks
bit 1 - unlocking confirmation (horn) via door locks - (makes 2 beeps)
bit 2 - unlocking confirmation (blink)via remote control
bit 3- unlocking confirmation (horn) via remote control - (makes two beeps)

Byte 7
bit 0 locking confirmation (blink) via door locks
bit 1 - locking confirmation (horn) via door locks - (makes 1 beep)
bit 2 - locking confirmation (blink)via remote control
bit 3- locking confirmation (horn) via remote control - (makes 1 beep)

Syncronised Mirror Adjustment
Syncronised mirror adjustment, is the feature that automatically moves the left mirror when adjusting the right mirror. This is on by default.

Module 46 - Central Conv.
Byte 9
bit 6 - Synchronised mirror adjustment

Anti Hijack
This locks all doors when the car moves above 15km/h. This is on by default.

Module - Central Conv.
1=on 0=off.

Steering Weight
Module 44 - Steering Adjust
Select a value between 1 and 6 for weight.

Volume of Reversing Sensor beep
Module 76 - Park Assist
Select value between 0 and 100. Default 60

Changing Bluetooth Pass Code
Module 77 -Telephone
Choose a 4 digit value.
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Module44 direksiyonun sertliğini ayarlıyormuş. 1-6 arası sertlik ayarı var..
sanırsam Coming Home kapatma ozellıgı var acma yok mu anlamayadım orayı:rolleyes:
Module44 direksiyonun sertliğini ayarlıyormuş. 1-6 arası sertlik ayarı var..

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