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Is a quick diagnose?

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  1. amysmyy

    amysmyy SCW Üyesi

    I found a ECU tool called **********************[/B] VA CAN SCANNER. It said it is a software package, with an USB interface for connecting our VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda to PC. Though a laptop can grant more convenient, it helps quick diagnose for our vehicle. No need to prepare any extra monitor, just install the VA CAN scanner on our PC or laptop. Then following the user manual alongside few clicks on our mouse, and we can read our car codes. Is this ture?If you used it before, can you tell me something about that?Thank you.
  2. RedLine

    RedLine SCW Üyesi

    bu yıne çıktı ortaya. linkler silinmiştir. kilit
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    06 levent 534

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