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bir başka IBIZA CUPRA


Kayıtlı Üye
20 Kas 2009
camurluklar falan sisince cok basarili olmus onden; ama hala cif tarafli egzoz yok :rolleyes:

teknik degerlerini var mi bilen?

- 48 -

Kayıtlı Üye
18 Tem 2010
veriler için aynı fakat 200 kg daha hafif diyor..
diğerleri aşağıda tercümeyi size bıraktım

The license for the competition on the race track has the new Seat Ibiza SC Trophy. For the propulsion of the small racer makes the 180-hp engine from the Ibiza Cupra, the 7-speed DSG transmission is shifted as the production model at the wheel.
An exclusive front design gives the racer an aggressive character, by the “Arrow Design” fails with its arranged around the central grille air intakes, particularly aggressive. At the rear, also a mounted spoiler ensures the necessary down force during cornering.
The performance data of only 1063 kg heavy Seat Ibiza SC Tropy gave the Spaniard unfortunately unknown. By comparison, the standard Ibiza Cupra accelerates with the same engine and also 180 hp in 7.2 seconds from zero to 100 and ended its driving at 225 km / h. There is one major difference: The Cup car is around 200 kilograms lighter.
In order to control the forces properly, the brake system of the Seat Leon Cupra is used. Sun discs packed with a diameter of 345 millimeters and 288 millimeters in the front right to rear. Compared to the production model enlarged seat the wheelbase of Cup racing car to 13 mm, the front track to 170 mm and the rear track to 29 mm – measures which provide for an increased resistance and at the same time the design further stress.
At the same time, the Cup car is lowered by 40 millimeters. The track and the camber can be adjusted individually. Contact with the asphalt to keep the Seat Ibiza SC Trophy 17-inch wheels, wider wheel arches, which are among prominent place. For the high lateral acceleration forces in racing conditions, which enables the optimized chassis, the engine also received a modified oil pan.
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Kayıtlı Üye
26 Ağu 2009
spoiler'ı arabayla ilgisi yok başka telden çalmasa de arka tekerler 3 ve 4. fotoda bi tuhaf duruyo yahu daha doğrusu çamurluk..
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