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Leon 1M Navigasyon Montajı


Kayıtlı Üye
25 Ağu 2009
Konuyu dırek kopyalıyorum buraya,Double dın takmak ısteyenler ıcın ısık da olur.Murat abıye de tesekkurler konuyu paylastıgı ıcın.

I'm about to upgrade the stereo in the Leon using OE VAG parts so its not chavvy. Basically its going from a single cd 4 x 20 headunit to a double din navigation headunit with the optional TMC box (auto reroute from traffic announcements) which will be connected to 4 x 75 amp with built in DSP. There will also be a 120gb media player and a front mounted camera.

Here is the MFD, as you can see its got a VW logo on it which will probably stay unless i figure out a way to get it off without damaging the plastic. This is a MFD 'D' that being a 4th generation DX model. This one came from a golf all the way from Lithuania.

To fit the MFD in a Leon you need to replace the single din console and facia with a double din one. Either direct from SEAT or from a breakers. All toledo V5's should have an MFD as standard. An audi A3 one will fit but the texture of the plastic grain is different


Other than the actual dash bits the only other thing needed to run an MFD is a "plug 'n' play" adapter cable which can be picked up for about 25 euro on ebay. All this does is take a 3 feeds from the standard ISO power connection on the radio, a power, an earth and a GALA speed signal. The GALA signal is normally used to raise the radio volume the faster you go. On the MFD this signal is used to estimate you position if you loose GPS signal in a tunnel or similar. You'll notice in the pic there are 2 seperate green wires, this is the GALA signal wire which has been extended to allow an inline switch. As the MFD aux screen input cuts the display (just leaving audio) when you're driving having a switch on the speed signal wire means you can fool it into thinking you're not moving and so you can watch Finding Nemo on your way to work. The orange wires are connected to the 2 CAN-BUS pins on the MFD and aren't needed unless you're installing extras like the TMC box or the DSP amp.

This is the Dietz 1412 adapter, it takes a composite AV signal and converts it to RGB. Strangely enough the Sega Saturn uses the same type connecter as the AUX input on the MFD so you can use a lead from one of those to run audio straight into the MFD or if you have something putting out an RGB signal it should be easy enough to get away without an adapter


The TMC box is quite simple to fit. The loom to fit it is readily available to buy online. As you can see from the lefthand side of the cable pic you connect it inline with the normal radio aerial. The block connector goes to the box as does the 2 smaller aerial connectors. The 4 loose wires are a power, an earth and the other 2 connect to the CAN-BUS wires mentioned above


The DSP amp is slightly more complicated. Looking at the cable you have 2 black/pink block connectors which plug into the DSP amp. The 2 black connectors go inline with the ISO power block at the radio. The brown connector connects to the standard speaker ISO connector. The small yellow one plugs into the back of the MFD beside the CD changers blue connector. That just leaves the seven loose wires. The 2 bigger ones are the main power and earth for the amp. Of the five smaller wires three have to go into the 26 pin connector in the plug 'n' play cable and the other two connect to the CAN-BUS wires


So all connected up it should look a little something like this.


Aswell as this theres still the media player to add in along with the camera and the box which will allow switching between the video inputs. Then theres the Nokia car kit which comes through the car speakers instead of its own crappy little one which is yet more wires and connectors


Kayıtlı Üye
26 Ağu 2009
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Parça Kodu : 1M0863263F 40N (Orta Konsol)


Parça Kodu : 1M0863263F (Orta Kaplama)
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